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Oh haiii there

9:23 pm

Ok so  I havent posted in MONTHS…whoops? Well, its summer…and school is starting soon so yeah =/


ill prob post what i think of my teachers and classes for this year because i like looking back at that…and i may or may not start a site with my friends but idk…i really dont have much planned out really 😛


But I WILL comment on your sites (: i used to have like 20 blogs i visited and now i have like…5 to visit D: but ill comment weekly hopefully 🙂 and im on my twitter and aim a lot so…


Um..what else…i really dont know. i highly doubt anyone will really notice this post anyways…


well, its currently august 30th

at 1:14am


and i dont want to go back to school 😦 well…yet at least. ONLY LIKE 8 DAYS LEFT. UGH. AND I DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO LOOK FOWARD TO THIS YEAR EITHER. BLEH. i already have like, 4 clubs i wanna join…i dont think thats very good but whatever



BUT IDK ANYONE IN MY SCIENCE CLASS THIS YEAR. LIKE WTF. everyone has this one teacher and i have some random teacher…bleh. ill prob go on or something and look the chick least i think its a girl.


and orientation is in like 3 days…whooo…im meeting up with som of my friends early though so whatever…i get to hang a lil…



okay now i kinda  like posting more, but its becoming more like my texts to one of my friends…yes, my texts are this “long”..DEAL.



so who knows….maybe ill post weekly 😛 but i highly doubt that..

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  1. 12:09 am 12:09 am

    Oooh hope you post again ;D
    And have a good first week at school!

  2. Sarah...x permalink
    10:46 am 10:46 am

    Ughh tell me about it, i really dont want to go back to school 😦
    And hey, you say you need sites to visit?
    Visit mine if you can? 🙂

  3. 1:53 pm 1:53 pm

    Annie: Thanks! 😀 I hope I dont screw up somehow lol. I shall try too! I think ill post like every wednesday from now on but i dunno yet lol

    Sarah: ikr! 😦 and i dont have classes with a lot of my friends so that makes going back just annoying 😦 lol k, i commented 🙂

  4. skydancer050 permalink
    11:16 pm 11:16 pm

    How can you tell what date your posts were posted?

  5. 6:40 pm 6:40 pm

    you really cant, unless you add a date somewhere in there =/

  6. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) permalink
    11:16 pm 11:16 pm

    Nice to know you’re posting comments at least 🙂

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