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5:47 pm

Ok, so I’ve been tagged by sarah (starduust) and elena . When you get tagged, you write about yourself (or something else) and you tag other people to have it going on and on. In this tag, i have to write five random facts about myself.


  1. I hate coffee, its just gross.
  2. Ellen Hopkins is one of my favorite authors
  3. I like the sound clicky pens make x]
  4. I find vanilla ice cream addictive. very addictive.
  5. um…..i loveeeee music 😀


and i tag:




The Chipmunk Club


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  1. 8:48 pm 8:48 pm

    Happy new year =]
    Hey look, I’m tagged xP

  2. luvurlab6168 permalink
    9:16 am 9:16 am

    LOL…umm…this is awkward, but my friend Elena doesn’t know 2 people with blogs to tag, so I did it for her…and, uhh, I chose you…

  3. 7:24 am 7:24 am

    Haha I can relate to #’s 3-5! Music is my life. Everywhere I go there’s a certain beat for something. My emotions, thoughts, and everything around me! It changes the world and how we look at it. And it’s nice to talk to you. Thanks for commenting!

  4. 8:31 am 8:31 am

    heeeeeeeeey girl 🙂

  5. 5:36 pm 5:36 pm

    I LOOOOOVE COFFEE! I’ve been absolutely addicted to it since my grandma gave me some when I was 2. I also love clicky pens- unless I’m trying to concentrate and someone else is doing it. xD Who doesn’t love music!?

  6. 11:00 pm 11:00 pm

    Hi, how are you?

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