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typing this…yayyy typing…..

6:48 pm

woah its been over a week since ive posted

such a long time














ok ill stop now…

i dont know if i should post more

or just weekly


do you ppl really care about my life?

i dont think so….

oh and haz you noticed the new design?

the header?

the colors?

well im changing it tomorrow (sunday) and making it all halloween-ish


halloween is in less than a week =o

a week til…



i hate how halloween is on a saturday though

because then all the candy is like gone

by night-time

so i gotta wake up earlier than i usually do on saturdays

[normal is like afternoon-ish….]

to get candy


but its worth it


ill make a post about halloween next week….maybe 😛

lets talk about…



  • pointless
  • annoying
  • takes away time from HAVING A LIFE
  • it also takes away time from sleeping
  • its so boring

….and so much more

im doing like horrible in math =/

im doing ok in ela & ss & sci

(ok as in 90-ish)

i dunno about any other classes….

IN GYM, ON MY PROGRESS REPORT, IT SAID “not properally attired for Physical Education” or something

i didnt change for gym ONCE



imma end this post now


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  1. 1:56 am 1:56 am

    Thanks for your comment on my site. Wow, this yellow burns my eyes =p

  2. The Jay Man permalink
    4:50 am 4:50 am

    Hey, I’m glad you applied on my site ( for the ‘Are you into blogging?’ page. You have been put on my blogroll plus your site will be reviewed within the next 24 hours. Watch the space @ Plus, you know how i just said your on my blogroll, well can you return the favour? (basically, put me on your blogroll)

    ~ The Jay Man
    Founder of Crane Connection
    Founder of The Jay Man’s Army

  3. The Jay Man permalink
    9:56 am 9:56 am

    Oh, aswell, can you read your Google Mail inbox because i sent you a message using the email address you provided when commenting on my site.

    Thanks very much,
    ~ The Jay Man
    Founder of Crane Connection
    Founder of The Jay Man’s Army

  4. 11:51 pm 11:51 pm

    mmmm candy x]
    school is alright for me although my yearly exams are coming up soon =[

  5. 5:38 pm 5:38 pm

    haha cute!

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