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4:32 am


so im making this post before school & i gotta leave for the bus soon so if theres a lot of errors SORRY!!

ok well the US Open was AMAZING!!!

but its gonna take awhile to get the pics in a post cuz my cameras being stupid so i gotta save em to paint then upload them which takes longer than you think & i usally stay up til 12-1am doing that but now i cant do that 😦 i hate school & it hasnt even started yet!

so ill update this post when i get home & say how it is (im probably gonna rant on about how suckish it was 😀 )


boring. horrible. dull. suckish.

heres stuff about  my classes

(this is seriously just one big FML)

tech- i know 5 ppl in my tech class =O w00t. i haz da same teacher i had in 6th grade & hes decent

spanish-** yawwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnn** but the teacher seems nice

math- teacher seems nice but math ish boringg

gym- i know 3 ppl but gym is gym…we dont even move much! gym is so pointless…hopefully its better this year than last year

ELA- this is what it was like:

her- the middle school always took no gum chewing seriously

her- *chews gum*

her- and i never really knew why until…

her- *chews gum*

her- i stuck my hand under a desk & you would of never of guessed what was under it

her- *chews gum*

her- so theres no gum chewing in my class

her- *chews gum*

me- *gives her a WTF face*

sooo wonderful, right???

lunch- i spent the whole period just trying to buy a snapple. FAIL. (oh and i never got it)

Social Studies- the teacher seems super-strict but is supposed to be one of the best teachers ever

Science- the teacher kinda freaks me out but hes one of the nicest (kinda) teacher on my whole team (like out of the math, ela & SS teacher)

Study skills- one word- TORTURE! we’re gonns spend the next few weeks on TIME MANAGEMENT!!!!!!!! like we’re gonna have to keep a log on wut we do for a week. mines gonna add up to spending like 14 hours on the computer a week (during the school year. during the summer its more like 35 hours ^_^) and the whole class is gonna be like O_o


OH ANDDDDD we’re gonna have to learn HOW TO TAKE NOTES for a few weeks too. yea, how to take freaking notes. and the different ‘styles’ of note taking. and we’re gonna spend a few weeks on HOW YOU SHOULD TAKE TESTS!!!

ohh and…well its too much to type out now ill type it out later or 2mrrw morning

how was your first day of school?

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  1. 12:49 pm 12:49 pm

    zomg, i watched the us open on tv! so i could possibly be watch,ng you on tv! now, wouldn’t that be cool??!

  2. 3:12 pm 3:12 pm

    my first day was gewd… yours seemed horriblee.

    -shyshy6510’s stomach hurts.. O_o

  3. 11:30 pm 11:30 pm

    My first day was… eh, it was ok. We have weird teachers and nice teachers and strict teachers, but mostly just weird teachers. 😛

  4. cнℓσє тнє вяιтιѕн мυƒƒιη permalink
    9:20 am 9:20 am

    Ahh wow your first day sounded like helll. Mine was okayish I guess,, just like…yeah, it was general sucky school.

  5. 5:57 pm 5:57 pm

    haha your school sounds so AWESOME

  6. 12:41 pm 12:41 pm

    the day after tomorrow ish my first day so i guess i will tell u about it then 🙂

  7. doggyz111 permalink
    6:11 pm 6:11 pm

    my first day was awesomely beautiful xP 😆

  8. 2:58 pm 2:58 pm

    my history teacher obviously has some problems going on inside her head.

  9. 7:59 pm 7:59 pm

    Our English teacher annoys me… She’s either chewing gum every second of the day or she’s like idk stuck doing that?

  10. 4:29 pm 4:29 pm

    wow..a class on how to take tests? what’s the word for it? …idiotic… 🙂

    for me…school’s a crapful of learning. XD

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