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isnt it odd….

12:18 pm

isnt it odd how parents know like nothing about their kids? like they know their kids date of birth & height & religion but do they know their fave color??? or like simple stuff like dat??? sorry, i just wanted to say that and see if people agree


i really need to post more….so from now on ill try to post every 2-3 days.

im currently addicted to this song-

i dunno why.

ohhhh and i finally got around to adding peoplez on my blogroll. if your not on it & you visit/comment on this site a lot your gonna be on it soon.

and heres a picture i made when i was bored-


wow. it looks even worse when i put it on here.


well, Cobra Starship is a band and i love Guilty Pleasure & Good Girls Go Bad & The City is at War by them

what else….hm….well, my skin looks weird-ish. its looks like someone like shaded my skin. its all light-ish at the top of my arm and gets dark-ish by my hands. i think i’ll go sit in da sun and try to fix that sometime this week…if it doesnt rain.

its been raining here too often for summer. im gonna laugh if its like 95°F out on da first day of school.

oh and im trying to come up with ideas for a contest cuz i havent had one in like ever so if you hav an idea for me, please tell me it 😉

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  1. 3:24 pm 3:24 pm

    my fav color is green … aha

  2. 3:25 pm 3:25 pm

    I like the song(: and the picture colorful
    Umm, mabye you could do a comment contest, or draw a picture something like that.

  3. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba permalink
    5:28 pm 5:28 pm

    What’s YOUR mom’s favorite color? Or were you just being a hypocritical chimp?

  4. 11:34 pm 11:34 pm

    Yay thankies for adding me to your blogroll drk 🙂
    Hm actually I have never heard of any of those songs LOL I shall go listen to them 😛

  5. 4:02 am 4:02 am

    lol.. I don’t have any ideas for the contest… but I’d surely like to participate 😛 😛

  6. Chloe permalink
    11:13 am 11:13 am

    Ugh, my mom knows like nothing about me! I even bothered to learn my mom’s fave colour. Red XD Aren’t I such a good daughter?!

  7. 12:23 pm 12:23 pm

    i don’t think my parents know my favorite color.. on the other hand, I don’t even know my favorite color! It changes everyday. xD

    thanks for adding me!

  8. 5:01 pm 5:01 pm

    Chad- i love lime green 😛

    Starduust- hmm…i might do a comment contest or a draw-something contest. maybe something with art included with it.

    Tubbo Twins- her fave color is red. maybe your the hypocritical chimp.

    Annie- no problem! u deserve to be on it 😛 guilty pleasure is rlly good

    M.M- ok!

    Chloe- ur an amazing daughter! my moms fave color is red too 😀

    Dunya- No Problem & My fave colors change monthly 😛

  9. 5:05 pm 5:05 pm

    Lol 😀 my mom doesn’t know my height xD
    That picture = kewlio xD Awesome 🙂

  10. 5:11 pm 5:11 pm

    lol my fav color are the colors u hate

  11. 1:43 am 1:43 am

    Well, my mum (mom – isn’t it weird that Americans call them ‘mom’ and Brits call them ‘mum’? I think in Ireland or some place they call them ‘mam’… 😕 ) does know my fave colour (color/colour… that’s another word that I don’t get) but she doesn’t know my height! Lol, I haven’t been measured in ages. And yeah, we’re getting a lot of rain too. Apparently, if we get snow in Winter (which we did), we’re supposed to get a good Summer. Ha! We’re getting the opposite of a good Summer…
    -Heyitsme 😀

  12. doggyz111 permalink
    4:05 pm 4:05 pm

    and ur pic u made while u were bored is cool too lol xD

  13. 1:19 pm 1:19 pm

    My mom last year thought my favorite colors were orange and red so she got me school supplies of those two colors (I wasn’t allowed to come with her) but then she learned that those are my two least favorite colors, so yeah. My mom’s favorite color is blue, my dad’s favorite color is blue, my little brothers favorite color is dark blue/black, my favorite color is blue, guess what my older brother’s (ZzKingz) favorite color is? THAT’S RIGHT! RED!!! He is the odd one out! lol I am tall for a ten year old (4’10”) and ZzKingz is taller than my mom!

  14. Chloe permalink
    3:14 pm 3:14 pm

    Ahh why do I always come read otha pplz comments? xD Ooo I rock Aqua, I’m 10 and i’m 5’2″ HA! xDD Wow I’m pointless xP

  15. 10:10 am 10:10 am

    Maya- wow. ur moms AMAZING =P well, my dad dont know my height so whatever 😛

    Dippy- i dont hate any colors that much. so you dont have a fave color? o.O

    Heyitsme-same here. our winter had A LOT of snow. our skool actually gave us a snow day which they havent done in YEARS but this summer sucks. its cloudy right now 😦

    doggyz11- lol thank youz 😛

    aqua- wowww. haha. ur mom fails xD wow, Zz’s fave color is like da opposite of ur family’s fave color 😛

    Chloe- cuz reading comments is fun? 🙂 ZOMG IM SOMETIMES POINTLESS TOO! POINTLESSNESS FTW! 😛 haha

  16. 7:08 pm 7:08 pm

    lol… my mom doesn’t know my favourite colour… or my favourite game or any such thing… BUT she does know my height 😀 😀 😀 It’s just that parents these days are not fully aware of their children’s likes and dislikes or characteristics. If they know one thing, they don’t know the other x.x That’s how it is 😀

    And it rained here yesterday…and day before that, we went hiking in the margalla hills. That’s them => 😛 😛

  17. 1:41 pm 1:41 pm

    thats a great view!

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