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its…..still cloudy outside….and in otha news…..

2:16 pm

so yea, its still crappy outside. i took pics and here they aree


(taken 6/22/09)

(taken 6/18/09)


not much of a difference between the four days…..


and heres the weather for the next few days….


and when i posted one of these last time, i acidentally forgot to take out the location 😳 i dont think anyone noticed so yea…if you did see it….. DONT STALK ME!!! i fixed it so all you stalkers cant track me down now 🙂


so, 3 more days of skool!! whoo…….but if i were to add up all da hours, it would be less than 1 full day of skool. so in those 3 half days i take finals…..joyyyy

monday- social studies final

tuesday- ela final

wednesday- science final

i gotta study for alll of those (especially science) which iz extremely annoying. and most of the stuff we learned we DIDNT NEED TO KNOW FOR THE FINAL. so i hav a bunch of useless papers now =/ LIKE THE PARTS OF THE FLOWER!!! omg, i hated learning that.

and i have to write stupid current events. THERES NOTHING AMAZING TO WRITE ABOUT!!! i would so write about adam lambert in da rollin stone but noooo, it has to be political =/ u know wut, im just gonna give my true opinion in these now. Im tired of being too smart-ish on them. here’s my reation part of the current event-

(this is a reaction to an article on swine flu)

Am i missing the scare of swine flu or something? Isnt it like a Normal flu?? And if you wash your hands, arent you fine?

And if people people die from it, its because their too young or old. Or its a mexican family who lived in mexico who were un-aware of the flu and weren’t constantly washing their hands or being safe.


yea, i hope my teacher dont find my site 😀 is that too opinion-ish??? oh well, it gets da work done faster. and i wrote that really big so it looks like i wrote more

oh, and on the vote thingy below, yes got more answers but i didnt go…..oh well….


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  1. Luhy(2 lazy 2 log in) permalink
    3:55 pm 3:55 pm

    Well I rlly hate this weather… I had a swim meet everytime I went outside it rained everytime inside it stopped so it was taking turns raining… Gur… And I did notice last time I didn’t feel like telling u (: if I had 3/4 a bottle of blue sand, throw it in the air run around as It was falling, then make sand angels it (:

  2. 6:40 pm 6:40 pm

    Heh I saw where you live-No worries I wont stalk yoU! oh and for the sand question-I would put it in a funky bottle i have, then put it on my bed shelf!bwahha

  3. 10:24 pm 10:24 pm

    Haha I saw where you live too (: Lol I’m going to stalk you….lol JK! Hehe.

  4. 12:41 pm 12:41 pm

    Your pics are very interesting… yes… very… interesting… yes… very… OH COOL A WINDOW!!! I’m guessing where you live it rains quite a lot… where I live the winters can go down to -50 Celsius and summers can go up to 35 Celsius!

    • 12:23 pm 12:23 pm

      Dude how old r u ur like smarter then me!Yes… yes… interesting…yes… i wonder if ya older then me….

  5. 7:55 am 7:55 am

    lol… it’s hot here 😦 Very hot 😦
    And best of luck with your finals 🙂
    Mine are next, next week 😀

  6. 7:55 am 7:55 am

    About the first pic: In this part of the world, the view from your window is VERY different 😛

  7. 11:27 pm 11:27 pm

    I would definitely put half the sad in a jar,put a plastic heart in, and put the other half of the sand in the jar. Then protect the sand with my life. This would make me feel like I’m in Pirates of the Caribbean ❤

    Degrassi 101

  8. 9:25 am 9:25 am

    its sooo hot here. its kinda nice tho 😀

  9. 1:51 pm 1:51 pm

    luhy- the wheather is rlly suckish. haha, i could so imagine you running around while blue sand is falling 😀

    Allie- OMG YOU SAW IT?!!?!? 😳 you wont stalk me?!! YAY!

    Annie- OMG, YOU SAW IT TOO??? gosh im stupid..haha, if you were to stalk me, thatd take a while 🙂

    Miguel- YES A WINDOW!!! 😀 wow summer nd winter seems harsh there lol. its not usually this rainy. last year it was so hot out! i was gonna die of heat!

    M.M.- best of luck with the finals!! you should take a pic of outside your window so we could compare. thatd b pretty cool 🙂

    Chimpunk Club- Pirates of the Caribbean!!! thatd make me feel special too lol

    Scruffz- lcuky! i love the heat! i have noo clue why, it makes me feel awesome lol

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