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9:22 am

words.  aren’t they amazing?? And you obviously understand these words cuz your reading this. And there are so many words…and i’m not gonna start saying a bunch of words cuz im typing words right now….and your reading them 😀

and words have changed over the past few centuries….yea, centuries. people said HOGWASH! yea… just imagine saying “hogwash” around your friends…. And then theirs like Shakespear. With all that old-english… THATS LIKE SO HARD TO READ! its just annoying…. (no offense if you like Shakespear, its just that its too much work just to enjoy some old-ish script)

And now there’s “text messaging” language (which is what teachers call it) like LOL, or BRB, or BBL, etc. (i put them in caps cuz i felt like it, just if ur wonderin) but what if those words go into the dictionary?? is this what we’re gonna see??

LOL- laugh out loud

Maybe a “text messaging” dictionary?? That would be so kewl….

and a dictionary would work cuz when i go onto XAT or somethin, even tho im talkin to people in other States or countries, they still know whta OMG or BRB means.

and you cant even talk like that in essays. Like you can be u. When i was younger, i was always like “Why isnt the letter u the word you?!?! thats so confusing!” because it was…at the time…but now im smartt 😀 sorta…

But dont you think its kewl that theres an alphabet and when you put letters together…. TA-DA!!  ITS A WORD!!! 😀 like the word “word” has 4 letters!! isnt that amazing??

but then we have to learn those boring words in school…. AND THERE DEFINITIONS!! soo painful….


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  1. 2:39 pm 2:39 pm

    Hey Drk… you wanna be an author on my site? I need someone who will acctually post.

  2. 7:04 pm 7:04 pm

    words are cool. 😆
    i want a text message wordy things dictionary =]

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