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spring break!

4:18 pm

Hey guys! Guess What? I GOT A KITTY!! I know, i got a kitty!! Well guess what? IM LYING!! 😀 i got no kitty :mrgreen: i didnt want a kitty much anyways…….

Well, its Spring break for me 😀 It started yesterday and i have until the 20th off!! I am so happy! Excpet from the fact that im sick-ish 😦 but i feel SO much better now because my mom bought a stronger medicine. THANK YOU MEDICINE PEOPLEZ!! 



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  1. 2:26 pm 2:26 pm

    Cool we go back to school this Tuesday which sorta stinks.My friend Courtney might stay tonight though which makes it all better again 🙂 😆

  2. 3:37 pm 3:37 pm

    7 more days and your back in school!!We go back tomorrow,but I am sooo happy because I get to see my boyfriend.

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