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12:45 pm

Life isnt a computer. You cant copy and paste anything. You cant delete anything. You cant open up an internet thingy….

and lately I’ve been getting annoyed by my life. My parents are always telling me to get off the computer (which my dad is saying to me right now but I’m just going to ignore him because i really think he justs like yelling at me for no apparent reason) and my grades in school have been going down….i had a test/quiz everyday last week and the week before and its really getting annoying.

and my parents think I’m the one with the attitude problem 🙄 THERE THE ONES TELLING ME TO STUDY AND READ AND TO GET OFF THE COMPUTER!! i really think they need help sometimes…..and i never seem to get anything done on the computer now. Yea, i go on a few chatboxes and comment sometimes…maybe make a few posts but thats just about it! Its really starting to get annoying….and if you think i dont ever go on your site because i used to go on it a lot, im really sorry. I probably do go on your site but never get a chance to comment 😦

do you feel as if you can never seem to get anything done?


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  1. 3:41 pm 3:41 pm

    Yes,this computer actually makes me feel discombobulated a lot.I am failing science and I barely do my work in Math anymore because of the fact we are learning how to multiply mixed fractions making me feel all discombobulated and what not! 🙂
    -discombobulated shyshy6510-

  2. 4:33 am 4:33 am

    The computer really doesn’t effect me too much. I have a pretty good average and I still always hang out fo friends and all. So. Yeah.

  3. bogabo permalink
    6:31 am 6:31 am

    I used to be like that- it seems to be all the parents’ fault! Well, I’m not a counceler…
    8) Bogabo

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