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whats odd to think

3:10 pm

here are some things that are really odd to think (well, to me at least)

since color is the reflection of light, people could be seing different shades of colors depending on where their standing……

sorry to bring edward cullen into this, BUT HE’S OVER 100 FREAKIN YEARS OLD!! sorry edward lovers…but its true!! isnt it kinda odd to think that its some 100-year-old or more guy inside some other guys body?

you can burn 218 calories by using the computer and typing for 2 and a half hours.

beer was invented by mistake

Barbie is really over 50 years old (the company at least)

The world is over 6 BILLION YEARS OLD!! (its gonna have to come to an end soon……or later 😀 i like later…..)

the world (well, at least where i live right now) is supposed to go underwater in 2065!!



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  1. 5:25 pm 5:25 pm

    I think this is interesting.

    “you can burn 218 calories by using the computer and typing for 2 and a half hours.”

    -interested shyshy6510 out-

  2. 7:49 am 7:49 am

    Barbie still looks pretty fit and trim for a fifty year old

  3. Chloe permalink
    12:58 pm 12:58 pm

    I think the computer calorie burning one is interesting and the one about the world going underwater in 2065…thats freaky 😮

  4. 7:43 am 7:43 am

    Wow. I;m on a diet, then!!! :LOL: LOL I burn about 500 calories a day!!! Redcowz is NOT invited to my CP party!!! You are, of course, so is chloe, Carly, Bbfreeze, blue puffley, Puppygal 376, tigirl, and me!!! RAedcowz deleted my invitation. makes me wanna kill!!! Who shall I select? CHLOE?! you might look good on my wall… maybe SHYSHY6510?! or… COFFEE MAKER!!! I LOVE COFFEE!!! Wow sorry my blood sugar’s low 😆

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