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ides of march

5:15 pm

So today is March 15th. Also known as THE IDES OF MARCH! Why? Because its like the day right in the middle of March.  Also, a really long time ago, Julius Ceasar was killed, murdered actuall. And its also my brothers birthday. I know, its wonderful to know that some Greek guy died a few hundred or thousand years ago on your birthday. And its kinda like a bad-luck day because something bad always seems to happen……

Anyways, i actaully got my brother a present. I know, im so nice. I got him a Black&white cookie (i know, so far your jealous of my brothers awesome gift) and a shirt. BUT HE GOT ME NOTHING FOR MY BIRTHDAY! :/ Yea, i did get a phone for my birthday but STILL! HE COULD’VE GOTEN ME SOMETHING!

So yea….isnt he wonderful? So we’re gonna go cut the cake and he’s gonna open his presentz (roll) so byez!

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  1. 4:39 am 4:39 am

    Lol. Ceasar died. A moment of silence for him. …………… Ok. Now to my point. Did they name ceasar salad dressing and ceasar salads after ceaser? IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!!

  2. 3:41 am 3:41 am

    🙄 hehe a black and white cookie?? what flavor is that!!!!!?

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