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2:33 pm

have you ever noticed how many types of bread there is?? I’m going to name a few:

  • normal bread
  • wheat bread
  • patato bread
  • multigrain bread
  • rye bread
  • fruit bread
  • sourdough bread

and if you dont mind, bagels can also be counted as a bread! I just learned something new today….. yayz! 😀

Can you name any other types of bread?

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  1. 3:46 pm 3:46 pm

    Italian bread!


  2. 4:10 pm 4:10 pm

    Gluten free bread!

  3. 5:40 pm 5:40 pm

    hmm… let’s see….

    garlic bread
    french bread
    zucchini bread
    banana bread
    banana bread WITH NUTS
    apple bread
    pumpkin bread

  4. 5:09 pm 5:09 pm

    an ui thought i wass random!

  5. Chloe permalink
    9:21 am 9:21 am

    Ohhhhz, whats the bread called….err…pitta bread! I think its spelt like that 😀


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