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The Clique

3:47 pm

So i just finished the most recent book in the Clique series (P.S. I Loath You) and everything ended all wrong so im guessing that their is going to be another book after this one. Here are some of the books in the series….

so pretty much, this series is about a bunch of girls with a lot of money and free time……and the books have like not adults in it. in P.S. I Loath You, there was only like 5 adults in the whole book and they were only in it for a page or two.

The books arent that long, the Summer books only had like 100 pages in them and the rest of the boooks have about 200 pages in them. The movie also came out and people said it wasnt selevant to the book and that it ended differently but, like with most movies that were made based upon books, if you dont compare it to the book it isnt so bad.

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  1. 7:18 pm 7:18 pm

    UGH! I’m sorry for that, but this mean hacker guy/girl like comes onto our website, gets onto either Webkinzfanz101’s or my account, and they delete everyone and posts!!!!!! So I’m sorry if you have gotten deleted or if any of the people that work there have been deleted. UGH HE/SHE MAKES ME SOOOOOOO MAD!!!!
    Savvie- [sorry for being SOOOO mad!]

  2. 8:48 am 8:48 am

    Drkshadow17, I made a post concerning you. Please see it.

  3. 4:21 pm 4:21 pm

    I have the movie and read the first one.It got boring lolz and I returned it.

  4. Virgo- girl(: permalink
    10:48 am 10:48 am

    Umm… isn’t the clique series like chick lit?


  5. Virgo- girl(: permalink
    3:13 pm 3:13 pm

    i didnt think you were the kind of girl who read chick lit! lol! haha Do you like twilight?!?


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