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random stuff

7:44 pm

heres a bunch of random stuff that i cant put into one post

do you know the fun fact that your hair and nails keep growing after death? well its FALSE! Your skin gets dehydrated which MAKES your nails and hair look as if it grew!

Its my dads b-day is today so happy birthday dad!!!

Todays Fiday the 13th Friday The 13th   but today isnt so un-lucky for me!! I GOT CANDYYY!!!! and i watched Spongebob in Tech…..but then my teacher said it wasnt good and we watched something on the Doscovery Channel…….which was ok 

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  1. 1:28 pm 1:28 pm

    lolz black cat so superstitous

  2. 12:16 pm 12:16 pm

    shyshy- lol, my counsins have a black cat and it avoids me!! itz so mean 😦

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