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4:07 pm

before I talk about iCarly….wanna know a pic thats kinda funny?

 its rob pattinson as some other dude!!!

stupid rob pattinson…………


ok, onto iCarly! I dont usually watch iCarly, but my dad wouldnt let me go onto the computer so  i was stuck watching it…. and David Archuleta was on it so wasnt that bad…..dont you think its freaky that hes always smiling??? it just freaks me out…..hes all happy-ish…..ok, well when i was watching iCarly, a commercial for Fred on iCarly came up!!! I was like “FINALLY!!!” because i posta few months ago that Fred would be on iCarly but i wasnt sure of the date but hes going to be on iCarly dont believe me??


sorry for the bad quality…..

my brother wondered who Fred was and i was like “OMG!” but hes 8 and barely knows how to operate a computer (no offense to my brother if your reading this..he visits my site…i dunno why) so i showed him some Fred vids and he was like “ohhhhhhh”. Did you ever see a Fred vid before he got all famous? Just look for a Fred vid with him NOT wearing a Fred shirt…..hes less hyper…


and as you can see, my computer isnt being a spazz anymore!! yayzzz!!!!!

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  1. virgogirlx3 permalink
    7:34 pm 7:34 pm

    !!! robert pattinson… stupid? oh no u didn’t!

    –2 fingers up and im outt–

  2. 5:22 pm 5:22 pm

    virgogirl- sorry if i offended you!!

  3. 5:46 pm 5:46 pm


  4. 10:01 am 10:01 am

    shyshy- i know!! before he got all famous he wasnt as hyper or had that much of a high-pitched voice but in my opinion, hes a lot better now!

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