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new moon

4:26 pm

(this is like the 5th time I’m trying to post this and its really getting on my nerves!!)

ok, so …….NEW MOON IS SUPPOSED TO COME OUT ON NOVEMBER 20TH!! i was going to post a fan-made trailer…..but it wont work….. 😦

if you dont know what New Moon is about…….heres a summary i wrote about it (its really short) :

Edward leaves Bella and Bella is all depressed until her dad yells at her and told her to get more of a life and that Edward was just a waste of time and she had no outside life. She then tries to go back to the friends she had before (Jessica, Angela, etc) but almost all of them ignore her. She then goes to the movies with Mike and Jacob. They both get sick. Mike gets sick because it was just a cold. Jacob Got sick because he was turining into a shapeshifter (for all of you who didnt read Breaking Dawn yet…they are SHAPESHIFTERS not warewolves). Bella sees some people cliff jumping so she then jumps offa a cliff. Alice (Edwards sister) can see the future and sees Bella jumping off the cliff and goes to Forks to see what happened. She finds Bella is OK but she told Rosalie what she saw Bella doing before she arrived at Forks  so Rosalie decided to call Edward to tell him what Bella had done and had also told him that Bella is DEAD. Edward feels as if he is nothing without Bella so he goes to the Voturi (who live in Italy) to annoy them because vampires hear that if you annoy the Volturi they will kill you. Alice then goes with Bella to Italy to stop Edward…….. 


If you dont like Twilight and dont understand how they can kill you because you know that according to Twilight, vampires are immortal…..they rip you up and burn you. Just like what they did to James. Isnt that a great way to die?? 


so i might go see Twilight again because i have a week off this month!! but i have NO days off in March……UGHH!!! 😦

 i cant get the thing that says Drk to work so just pretend its here!

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  1. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫ permalink
    6:04 pm 6:04 pm

    i didnt delete everything, i unpublished everything!…. 😕

  2. icedeburd permalink
    12:56 am 12:56 am

    😦 I would read this post…but I’m reading new moon right now so I don’t want to ruin it for myself =D

  3. 10:09 am 10:09 am


    I didnt read the middle part though because it is always good to surprise yourself in what they make of the movie.


  4. Penny(not logged in) permalink
    9:13 am 9:13 am

    The end stressed me out in New Moon. LOL, but that was a great summary of the book!

  5. 11:32 am 11:32 am

    brett- ohhh!!

    ice- I didnt give away the ending so if you read it, it wouldnt ruin the book 😉 Have fun reading it!!

    shyshy- The movie isnt as good as the book. When you go see Twilight, dont sit there and compare it to the book, it just ruins it for you.

    penny- thanks! i tried to not give away the ending so it wouldnt ruin it for pplz…..and maybe some boys would read it 😀

  6. 1:24 pm 1:24 pm

    SWEET! I have 4 chapters left of Twilight, then I’ll move on to New Moon… *cries* I DON’T WANT EDWARD TO LEAVE!! LOL JK

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