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1:42 pm

I stayed home today because I wasnt feeling so good so i decided to make some updates! I put a copyright sign next to the Closed Eye Art page so some lunatic cant say “i didnt know it was copyrighted” even though i have a copyright thingy on my sidebar. I also made a Widgets nd Stuff page where you can get stuff like widgets and go to my online store which i have had since last year!

so far, there isnt a lot of widgets, so here they are:

View Full Size ImageView Full Size Image                        View Full Size Image


ill try to make more later. If you have any ideas for a widget, you can contace me at or ……..if you do e-mail me, I check both those e-mail only once a week so you wont get an automatic reply. Or you can just comment to get a faster reply.

Which widget is your favorite??

btw- i might update the !!contest!! page this weekend so check back soon to see if there is going to be a contest!

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  1. 4:48 pm 4:48 pm

    the edward cullen one duh’

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