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More about School

3:05 pm

(Apparently, i scared peoples about pickleball in my last post so im not going to mention that in this post 😉 )

so here’s an overview of my day:

1st period- math :/ not much to say

2nd period- ELA

we had to read this ultra-boring story about some girl who doesnt want to sing the anthem and how some kid named Ian Forbes squished her foot even though hes like half her size and how her maid-servant person didnt know how to speak english and how her cook had looong fingernails and how he cared butter with those fingers…..gross, i know

3rd period- Social Studies

we took notes and the kid sitting behind me put food in the hood of my sweatshirt…….yea…nothing is so odd about that…..and then he told a 5-minute long story that made no sense

4th period- Tech

we had to build stuff using K’nex (things like Legos) and we didnt even get to choose the groups we worked in so i barely spoke and only 1 kid in our group really knew how to use K’nex and we only finished 2 of the 6 tasks and the ones we made we worth 10 points each so our group got a 20….i know..that number is so significantly high

5th period- Home & Careers

all we did was sew and talk and sew some more, thats just about it

6th period- Spanish

we had to take a quiz (and i got an 85 on it! i thought i was going to fail!) and did a wordsearch

7th period- lunch

lunch is lunch….i ate food and worked on my art project and some freaky kids starting staring at what my friends & i were doing….it was odd

8th period- science

we talked about the superbowl and superbowl “manners” 🙄 and i got an 87 on my midterm!! 😀

9th period- health

we worked on our Health project and some teachers came into our class and started “rapping” and started singing songs…..

um…..thats just about it. PLZ COMMENT!

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  1. 3:10 pm 3:10 pm

    thats really weird lol, mine was boring like a boring post….

  2. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫ permalink
    7:36 am 7:36 am

    Wowzers, thats the exact locker i was looking for, empty and plain so I can add stuff, ooooooh and it has a hockey stick! Thanks SOoooooooooooooooooooMuch Drk, u da girl! 😉 lolz

  3. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫ permalink
    7:37 am 7:37 am

    lolz what grade u in? thats a freaky day, im in 6th! 😀

  4. 5:23 pm 5:23 pm

    pinkey2we- everyday at skool is wierd

    brett- lol, no problem!! yeaa….that was a freaky day. Im in 7th grade 🙂

  5. 6:12 pm 6:12 pm

    you have some funky school days

  6. 3:08 pm 3:08 pm

    yea…..they’re a bit odd sometimes…….

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