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3:44 pm

look at how awesome this watch is…..

well, its a watch- PHONE!! Thats so kewl….but I still like my phone more than that 😀

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  1. 4:39 pm 4:39 pm

    Woah that’s kinda awesome.

  2. 6:30 pm 6:30 pm


  3. twigee permalink
    7:16 pm 7:16 pm

    he has an accent!!! 😀 i want it!!!

  4. icedeburd permalink
    5:44 am 5:44 am

    OMG, AWESOME!!!!!!!

  5. ::Brett:: permalink
    7:44 am 7:44 am

    Sweeeeeeeet! What will they think of next… Cearel with free iPhone gifts! And the cearel is only $5!!!!!!!1 Heh heh heh! 😀 You r so lucky, u got a phone! I can only get mine when i 14, in 2 years 😦

  6. 4:44 pm 4:44 pm

    mrslide- i kno!! i dont think u can txt on it tho…. 😦

    shyshy- soo true! except there’s the financial crisis and stuff…..

    twigee- of course you do 😀

    ice- ikr?

    brett-THAT’D BE SOOO KEWL! 14?!!? 😮 !!my parents said that I’d get one when i was 16….then i decided to ask for it for my 12th b-day and i got it 😀

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