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3:40 pm

Inkheart Trailer!!

OMG!! I JUST NOTICED THAT IT CAME OUT ALREADY!!!  oh well. even though I wanna see it, I’ll live 😀

wait! they changed the realease date- again!

If you only like Twilight ’cause of Edward Cullen (:roll:), you probably wont like this book, but i think its the best book out of the whole Inkheart Triologly (i think i spelt that wrong). Its Fantasy and Science fiction. Right now, I am reading the last book (Inkdeath) and im only on around page 200. So far, its very boring. Half the time, its about people getting drunk and I’m not even kidding.

If you want to read the series but dont want to sit down and read 500-700 page books, in my Inkdeath book, it gave 1-2 page full summaries (but with detail left out) of the book so you dont have to read the whole book if you want to. I would recommend reading the end of Inkheart (last 100 pages about) and Inkspell to understand Inkdeath more.

Here are all the books in the series:


if any of you guys see Inkheart, please comment on your opinion of it!

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  1. 7:25 pm 7:25 pm

    Cool Post!
    My site is getting more random! 😆 (Kinda’)
    So, could you please comment Back @


  2. ::Brett:: permalink
    8:56 am 8:56 am

    Cool! I’ve been wnating to see that, it seems interesting! I didn’t know they we’re books, different books… lol!

  3. 5:29 pm 5:29 pm

    Matt-I’ll visit!

    Brett-lol, yea, they are books. Their written for children (well ages 12+ because i dont think you’d see a 9-year-old or 10-year-old with a 500 or 600-page book 😀 ) if you want to read them, im almost 100% sure that your library would have them because minez does and no one every seems to take them out unlike twilight which is on reserves for 5 or 6 months. HAVE FUN GHOST HUNTING!!

  4. 6:59 pm 6:59 pm

    I’ve read Inkheart, and about half of Inkspell but I’ve been getting a bit bored. I saw Inkdeath at Sam’s Club (lolz the most random place ever)and I was hopping around being all happy and a worker who was putting away books asked me if I was ok.

    life is just a tad to complicated for the air in my head to comprehend

  5. 8:51 pm 8:51 pm

    That movie looks awesome,and the books look awesome.I AM STILL WAITING FOR TWILIGHT!STILL!It is insane!The book is like on popular demand or something!Also the inkdeath book cover has to be about the dopest book cover in the history of book covers!

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