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Wheres George?? What about Willy??

5:37 pm

Did you know that you can track where your money has been?? Well, you can! If you live in the USA, you can go here. If you live in Canada, you can click here.

Start entering your money onto it!! Maybe you can find out where your money has been!!

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  1. 7:29 pm 7:29 pm

    That’s really cool, i tryed it. It really works!

  2. icedeburd permalink
    9:59 am 9:59 am

    thats awesome, too bad I can’t do it 😦 lol, it sounds soo cool!

  3. 4:40 pm 4:40 pm

    Ilan-yupp…i entered almost all the money I have and I was always the 1st person to enter it 😥 lol

    icedeburd- ohh 😦 you dont use dollars 😦 maybe if you find some American dollars or Canadian money you can enter it and it’ll come up as “Europe” 😀

  4. 5:10 pm 5:10 pm


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