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New Year Pics

4:28 pm

Wanna see how other people celebrate the New Year?? Here are a few pics!

Fireworks over the Parthenon, click to see more.



New year celebration in Kuala Lumpur



Fireworks explode above the Sky Tower in the New Zealand city of Auckland

^^^^New Zealand^^^^


Matthew Gladwell]



Sun Bess]


Ngwane Emmanuel]

^^^^this pic was taken in a place called Dusseldorf!!^^^^

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  1. icedeburd permalink
    7:31 am 7:31 am

    lol, Dusserdolf! Those pics are pwetty, I love watching the fireworks out of my window cuz there are these idiotic teenagers who let them off in the field across the road 😀 New Years Eve is sooo awesome! and New Years Day, of course, lol!

  2. 4:57 pm 4:57 pm

    Taipie 101 and petronas! woo!!!

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