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Found By:Margaret Peterson Haddix

9:53 am

I decided to read Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix (aka-one of my favorite authors) and I finished it and It was really good. At first, I had no clue what it was about, but its kind of like her Shadow Children Series, but now dealing with time travel. Here’s a summary of it that I wrote:

A plane landed at an airport. It wasn’t supposed to land there. It had no crew. No adults. Only passengers- 36 babies.

13 years later…..

Jonah knew that he was always adopted, and he was fine with it, unlike his new friend, Chip, who brought up the subject when both of them got a letter saying “You are one of the missing” with no return address. After 13 years, Chip found out that he was adopted and his parents never want to bring up the subject ever again.

Later on, both Jonah and Chip receive another letter, with no return address, but now saying “Beware! They’re coming back to get you.”

Chip, Jonah, and Katherine (Jonah’s non-adopted sister) find out about a mysterious plane that landed 13 years ago. It had no pilot, no crew, and no adults. It only had passengers- 36 babies.

The county where Jonah and Chip live are sponsoring a program for all children who are adopted, and Jonah sees this as an opportunity to see if other kids had gotten the mysterious letters. But when Jonah, Chip, and Katherine (who isn’t supposed to be there, she made Jonah persuade there mom to let her go with them) find out that the program was just used to bring all of the 36 babies from the plane crash together, they find themselves between 2 groups of time travelers who want different things from them. The kids from the plane crash also find out who they are- the missing children of history.

Read it! Its really good and I left out a few details, but this is just a summary. The book left off as a cliffhanger so I think that the next book in the series (I don’t know when it’s supposed to come out) is a continuation. 


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    I read one of the books by her , I forget what it was though.

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