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Contest and Other stuffs!!

6:46 pm

Theres a Contest on the contest page so check it out!

In other news, WordPress 2.7 is now usable!! YAY! It took forever to log on at first but then it worked. I luv this version of WordPress! its so easy to use! What do you guys think of it??

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  1. 5:24 pm 5:24 pm

    i entered

  2. islandgirl12 permalink
    2:59 pm 2:59 pm

    I love it! i’ll check go out that contest now!!!

  3. islandgirl12 permalink
    3:00 pm 3:00 pm

    Sorry 2 be a bother but could add mi 2 ur blogroll? i have u on mine!!!

  4. islandgirl12 permalink
    3:04 pm 3:04 pm

    can i enter?

  5. popularmusic12 permalink
    6:45 pm 6:45 pm

    how did you get the snowflakes flying around?? They’re cool

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