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5:09 pm

I decided to compare Baby Ruth Candy bar with Snickers candy bar because they seem REALLy alike. Here are my results:

  1. both have nuts
  2. both have carmel
  3. both have chocolate
  4. Snickers carmel is stickier
  5. Baby Ruth is a little harder to bite than Snickers
  6. Baby Ruth doesnt have a lot of nuts and has more nougat than Snickers


Overall, Snickers nuts and carmel are more likely to get stuck in braces than Baby Ruth. If you dont want to get messy when eating, choose a Baby Ruth. If you want a filling candy…go with the Snickers.



(BTW- you wouldn’t believe how many candy bars I had to eat to get these results)

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  1. 7:42 am 7:42 am

    I love comparisons. You know what’s funny about this, I don’t like snickers or baby ruth. I guess i should also eat a lot of them so i will acquire the taste. Good post! 😀

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