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Twilight Movie Review

5:30 pm

Movie Title: Twilight

Rated: PG-13

OMG!!! Twilight was amazing. No..amazing doesnt even BEGIN to cover it. It was astonishing, astounding, fantastic, fantastical, incredible, marvelous, miraculous, phenomenal, prodigious, stupendous, unbelievable, wonderful, wondrous and a bunch more words meaning amazing! If you dont want to see it….get your butt out into the real world and see it right now!! Wait…keep reading this!

OK, if your still reading that means you listened to me…good. The only thing about it that sucked was that they either left info out or messed it up. For example: When Edward wanted to take Bella to get something to eat, in the book she refused A LOT but in the movie she was sorta happy to go get something to eat. I like the book better.

I think this movie is mostly for ages 11+ and I think you should read the book first cause some parts of the movie wont make any sense to you. Here are some of my favorite parts:

Funny Parts: there wasnt a lot of them but some parts that were funny was when Jessica said “Thats Jaspar, the one who always looks like he’s in pain” And when Bella said “Edward wants to meet you officially” and the dad was holding the gun saying “Bring the boy in” and when Bella said “you dont even say hi to me” and when Edward replied “Hi”

Characters: I never imagined Esme looking the way she did but ok. I Actually thought that Carlise and Emmett were gonna look like that. I never did imagine Alice would look like that but i luv they way her character is.

Plot: Everything seems to happen after Edward saves Bella from being crushed by a truck. Everything seemed to go wrong after Bella went to play baseball with Edwards Family.

The Cullens Family

^^^^^^^ Cullen Family ^^^^^^^

From left to Right: Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Edward, Carlisle, Alice, and Jaspar

I admit that Robert Pattinson looks OK in that pic but sometimes he’s like ickyy 😆 (He looks better as Edward than Himself)

Favorite Scene:

My Favorite scene in the movie was when Edward spun the car around into the parking lot where Bella was being followed by those people and he said “get in” and he started staring the peoples down 😆 and the peoples got scared and when he reversed the car, he almost hit them but he just missed them. They got that scene like PERFECT!

If I could, I’d go see this movie again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and….ok, I think you get the point.

As I’ve said before..if you havent seen Twilight yet..get your butt out into the real world and see it!



One of Jaspars pain face!!

Stuffs they messed up

Some stuff they messed up was:

  • They never mentioned that Jaspar could sorta change peoples feelings
  • Edward never told Bella how to become a vampire, she found out by asking Alice
  • Bella didnt just walk out of the hotel like that, she tricked Alice and Jaspar
  • Their was no golden onion (if you saw the movie, you know what im talking about)
  • Bella never ate out with her dad-she always cooked
  • They never mentioned that Bella talked in her sleep
  • She doesnt take that long in the book to find out that Edward is a vampire, but in the movie it showed her going to a bookstore and a lot of other junk (no offense)


I think they could’ve made the movie longer by 20-40 minutes. Its like they HAD to make it exactly 2 hours….well, it was 2 hours and 1 minute long!


At least they didnt mess it up as much as Bridge to Terabithia

I wonder when New Moon is coming out (IF its coming out)


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  1. tanya permalink
    8:01 am 8:01 am

    hey it coming out at the end of this year

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