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blackhawk striker 2

8:22 am

Have any of you guys heard of Blackhawk Striker 2?? ITS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING GAMES EVER!!!!

click this link to download and play it:

I stayed up until midnight playing it Saturday night because thats how much fun it is!! If you have Windows Vista, it may come with Blackhawk Striker 2 on it already.

Theirs tornament mode and mission mode. If your wondering whats it about, your a helicopter and you shoot wartanks, ships, boats, other helicopters, and other stuffs. Theirs really no point of it really….play it anyway!

My highest score on it is 153,045. The highest score on it I’ve seen is 2,041,527,599 on the leaderboards…. i’m going to try my hardest to beat that!

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  1. agu1998 permalink
    7:29 pm 7:29 pm

    hey its mi agu1998…u also got a nice blog…..

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