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Shadow Children Series

6:47 am

There’re these books called the Shadow Children Series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. There one of my FAVORITE series EVER!!! Here are the details on it:

In the Future, food and resouces are becomming scarce. Farmers must give most of there crops to the government to share. Population Police try to mantain order over food. Thet are trying to share food ‘equally’. All seems right, right???? Not exactly. Families are only allowed to have 2 children. If families have more than 2 children, the 3rd is killed. No excuses.

But Luke is a 3rd child. His family hid him since he was born. The area around his house and farmland where he grew up so he could run around wtihout being caught. He could almost be normal (except the fact that people other than in his family {his mom, dad and 2 brothers. NO ONE else. No uncles, aunts, cousins, etc must know} can see him nor could he attend school). But the land around his home was being cut down for houses for barons (really rich people). He has to hide in his attic ALL day know.  He cant even sit with his family to eat because of the fact someone might see him.

The houses are built. Luke can be ‘free’ anymore. But, when he looks out his window on day, he see’s a shadow of a kid. But the family in that house already has 2 kids……. could there be OTHER 3rd children out there?? Luke never thought of that. Luke takes a chance. There IS another 3rd child. Her name is Jen. She shows Luke a chatroom on the interent which Luke has never heard about) which other 3rd children in hiding too. But theres not just 3rd out there. theres 4th and 5ths and maybe even 6ths. She tells him the term kids are called when there NOT a 1st or 2nd child- a shadow child. Jen TRIES to get Luke to go to a rally to free 3rd children with her, but Luke denies it.

Jen is killed at the rally. Luke is heart broken. But he realizes what he must do- work to STOP the population police and free all the shadow children before the population police find them.


This series is REALLY good and has suspense in it. Here are the books:

               I read all of them and there ALL really good!! Read them when you get a chance!




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