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Happy Halloween!

7:40 pm


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!! Its also the Day of the Dead (October 31-November 2) So…. happy Halloween and Day of the dead!! My school lets us dress up, but i didnt have the time to get a cotume 😥 Oh well, maybe next year. Most of the kids in my school dressed up as Bananas, Bees, Ladybugs, witches, or hot dogs. One kid dressed up as a Whoppy Cushion (i think thats how you spell it) and some kid dressed up as a milk carton. The 2 most creative costumes I’ve seen so far a Sock Puppet and Cleopatra. What are you going to be?

I want to go trick-or-treating with my other friends and NOT with my friends in my neighborhood cause my neighborhood gets very boringggg………. but my friend next door to me is like ‘DONT GO!! I WANT YOU TO GO TRICK-OR-TREATING WITH ME!!’ and hitting me…… this is what I want to tell her…. ‘GO GET A LIFE AND SOME FRIENDS!!’. If I told how old she is, you’d be a-mazed. she sounds like a 3-year-old to me.

Here’s something you should know.. If you get pirate coins of ANY kind… THROW IT OUT!!! The milk in it is tainted and could make you sick or even worse………………..

And click this link if you want to carve your own virtual pumpkin:

Candies that i cant STAND are Tootsie rolls, candy corn, and Twizzlers. Have you noticed that when your shown candy-corn that you think of halloween even though many people cant take candy corn?

Could you guys PLEASE comment?? This site is nothing without them you know… SO PLEASE COMMENT!! IM BORED WITHOUT THEM!

have a fun and safe Halloween!

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