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never again!

12:27 am

I never want to get my hair cut again!! Heres what happened:


I told the lady to cut my hair 1 inch shorter. Instead she cut it 2-4 (somewhere in that range) of it!!! I hate it!! I do NOT want to get my hair cut for another 5 months!!

And she didnt stop after she cut off all that hair. she vut my bangs even though i didnt tell her too!!! At least she didnt cut it unbelievably short.

but after i got Dunkin Donuts so i got happy! But after i ate/drank it all i remembered about my hair.. 😥

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  1. 8:42 pm 8:42 pm

    no offense but that sounds soooo funny :mrgreen: but i can relate to it and understand ur feelings. 😦

  2. 9:10 pm 9:10 pm

    😆 i can now laugh at this! Hopefully myhair will grow by my b-day 😀

  3. 8:08 pm 8:08 pm

    😆 good! and yh, that wuld be a good bday prezzie 😛

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