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Bailout Plan

12:16 am

I know that most of you guys know that the Bailout Plan has been SIGNED.  If you guys DONT know what the bailout is, read below:

This is a simple as i can put it. Business’s haven’t been using there money wisely and they are or are close to becoming BANKRUPT. Wall Street is taking a risk and HELPING those companies out, but it will raise taxes. And if any of you guys have noticed, stocks have been going DOWN. I asked my dad if they went down 50%. He stared at me like I was crazy and i was like ‘WHAT?!?!?!?!!?!?’ He’s like, ‘if it ever DID go down 50% , we’d all be in the poorhouse’. I was like… ooo000oooo!! Then I was like 😦  but it will HOPEFULLY never happen. Hopefully.

In the future, teachers may make kids learn about the Bailout and our economy. Well, if your looking at this 20 years from now (the date will be 10/11/28) heres how I put it…. THE GOVERNMENT CAN BE STUPID SOMETIMES AND IT ALL SUCKS.

Thanks for my friend for being an idiot and thinking the bailout plan is a plan that the government was going to bail everyone out of Jail!!!

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