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City of Ember

9:44 pm

Title: City of Ember

Rated: PG

Release Date: 10/10/08

  City of Ember was book that got turned into a Movie.  I read the book over the summer and it was REALLY good. Heres the plot and stuffs:


  • Lina Mayfleet
  • Doon Harrow
  • Mayor
  • Poppy
  • Mrs.Murdo
  • Clary

Problem: As the world goes into war over food, gas (for cars) and other resources, workers built an underground city to put people in for 200 years with food, water, electricity and other resources for them to live until the war is over. Mayors hold a box that shall open by itself when the timer reaches 200 (years)

200 YEARS  has passed. Electricity is dying. Food and materials are slowly disappearing. The new Mayor isnt doing his job. The box has been found by Lina. Her younder sister (poppy) has messed up the message inside. Together, Lina and Doon must solve the mystery letter before the electricity goes out.

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  1. 12:22 pm 12:22 pm

    lol, for a momemt i though u meant the OTHER gas! 😆

  2. popularmusic12 permalink
    1:49 pm 1:49 pm

    um yeah hello dark shadow, I dont mean to be nosy or anything but ar u a girl? Cuz the name dark shadow doesnt really sound like it but on my site it seems like u like girly bands (like I do) so I was uh just wondering.

  3. 7:29 pm 7:29 pm

    ds is a girl 🙂

  4. 7:52 pm 7:52 pm

    yea, im a girl. my name is pretty vague.

  5. 2:09 pm 2:09 pm

    i luv it tho!

  6. 7:28 pm 7:28 pm

    😆 thanks!

  7. 4:54 pm 4:54 pm


  8. 2:43 pm 2:43 pm

    I saw the movie like a month ago.UGHH IM STILL LOOKING FOR THAT LAST EASTER EGG!!


    -maybe I might do something like this on my blog and say i got it from you and give you full credit,but i dont know what a prize would be –

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