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10:20 pm

blackcherise- i know that i said that I’d be DEFINITELY on friday (tomorrow), but i just remembered that i have 2 help out after skool til 6 pm(UUUGGGHHHH) selling pumkins. yea, PUMKINS. at SCHOOL! At least a few of my friends are gonna be there……………..

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  1. 11:00 pm 11:00 pm

    i understand ds 😦 we’ll hopefully catch eachother over the weekends, unless u’ve got more homework then… 🙂

  2. Kate permalink
    12:45 am 12:45 am

    I LOVE PUMPKINS! If I knew where you were and didn’t think it would be stalker-like, I would totally find you and come buy some. So think of me while you’re selling them tomorrow. 😀

  3. 8:05 pm 8:05 pm

    lets hope its not stalker-like!

  4. 12:13 am 12:13 am

    blackcherise- i got HW. ANOTHER ESSAY!!! and research and a few math problems. nutin much. And to study.

    Kate- i thought about u and this site alllllllll dayyyyyy!!! im DEAD serious!!! it waz sooo funny!! I’ll post about a few thingz that happned soon.

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