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10:04 pm

If you guys have free time or like to read, read my health report!



China is starting to recall infant milk formula because of melamine, a dangerous chemical. David Barboza (writer of article) says that milk in other parts of Asia is starting to have melamine in them too. When this article was written and published (9/27/08) already in Hong Kong, Heinz recalled its vegetable formula baby cereal and Pizza Hut in Taiwan found a packet of cheese with the chemical in it.


            The United States food and drug administration said on Friday that some instant coffee and tea may contain this harmful chemical. Now companies in the United States have to be more careful about where and when they buy there dairy products because it could harm the United States Citizens.

            King Car Food Company bought non-dairy creamers (which was thought to be more safe than buying dairy products) from China and was also found to have melamine in it.

            Big companies are doing their best to be sure that none of their products are contaminated. McDonalds in China made sure there ice cream was un-tainted. Starbucks in China switched all there fresh milk with soy milk. Kraft said that there Oreo cookies do not contain any milk from China.

            Should China stop producing Dairy products?


I was only supposed tro write 1/2 of a page but i got into it so i wrote a WHOLE page! my report seems sooo long compared to my friends!!

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