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when this blog was created

5:00 pm

A few of you guys asked when this blog was made. It was made on July 29th, 2008 sorry i didnt reply to them cause i was sooo busy! And Kates been with me since the start!!! And yes, she did see me in the future!



Hello world!

Hi peoples!! I decided to shut down and make a new site. This site is going to be extremely random, so I hope you like it.



1 Response to “Hello world!”

  1. 1 Kate 10:46 pm at Edit

    Hey, I saw you at wannasmile. I very much enjoy completely random stuff because that’s the only way my brain will allow me to process information. Good luck, good work, and I’m sure I’ll see you again in the future!

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  1. Kate permalink
    1:12 am 1:12 am

    I did what?

  2. 5:23 pm 5:23 pm

    i dont get it

  3. pinkey2we(not signed in) permalink
    8:34 pm 8:34 pm

    WOW!!!!!!!!!GOOD JOB DRKSHADOW17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UR BLOGS DOING GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UR HITS ARE UP TO 3,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEA AND THANKS FOR HELPING ME WITH LUHY 2! IT HAS 72 HITS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Pinkey2we :mrgreen:
    P.S. Im doing a stupid calender for spanish…… IM SO BORED!!!!!!!!

  4. 8:58 pm 8:58 pm

    yea… that was sorta consufing……….. I’ll explain it. BlackCherise and othrs asked when this blog was created and I answered it. And if you read the rest, it says how how kates been with me since the start and stuffs.

    Pinkey2we- 😆 thanks! You have to post on luhy2 though…….. POST ALREADY! ok, jk. i got bored. I also have to do the stupid calender too!!! I’m doing November cause thats the month thats my b-day is in and theres already 2 holidays (veterans day and thanksgiving) and i know 2 peoples b-dayz. all i have to do is label and decorate. yayz 4 mez! lol.

  5. 9:06 pm 9:06 pm

    it kinda makes sense now.

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