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charlie the unicorn

7:59 pm

Ever heard of Charlie the unicorn??? Heres the vids on him:


Charlie the Unicorn #1


Charlie the Unicorn #2


i dont know if the REAL #3 came out so I’ll tell you guys as soon as I kno it does! 😀

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  1. 8:40 pm 8:40 pm

    ok, those two pink and blue unicorns scare me!

  2. 8:48 pm 8:48 pm

    i know!!!!!!! agree!

  3. 8:03 pm 8:03 pm


  4. 8:59 pm 8:59 pm

    and b4 i go check out my site, thanx!

  5. 9:14 pm 9:14 pm

    I’ll try to post as much as possible!! Im caught up with school….. 😦 I’m surprised i kept this blog updated.

  6. 11:07 pm 11:07 pm

    dont worri, everyone who has a blog goes thru this 😦 but i just wanna say that ur blog is the best! i go on it EVERYDAY, and EVERYTIME i go on the computer! its my favourite blog on the internet! just thought id letcha know! 😀

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