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day of play

11:33 pm

today is the national day of play!!! it wasnt so great cause it rained ( 😥 ) And nickelodeon went off the air for 3 hours because they wanted kids to go outside and PLAY!!! But it was rainy all day so i had to work on my Homework and watched TV and went on the computer. Its 7:31 pm right now and no one is on AIM!!!! ( its this chat thingy wear you can talk to your friends online!! and NONE of my friends are online! 😦  So im super bored.


And for fans of iCarly- Tonight @ 9 is the 1st episode of the new season!!!!!

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  1. Kate permalink
    1:22 am 1:22 am

    I was so sad when Nick went off the air. I had been watching Spongebob with my cousin. I LIVE for Spongebob. And it was raining like nothing else here too, so…I pretty much had to swim to my car when we went out… Not even kidding. There were accidents all over the place. My stepbrother’s apartment flooded! I had to swim to get there too!

    It seriously needs to stop raining and be all cold tomorrow!

  2. 4:07 am 4:07 am

    Seriously nick went off the air?

  3. Kate permalink
    4:42 am 4:42 am

    Hahahahaha! Indeed! I love playing in the rain, but…I also love Spongebob! There are few things better than randomly singing the Spongebob theme song in public. Yes, I do randomly sing the Spongebob theme song in public. And the theme from Elmo’s world. I may be 21 now, but I refuse to grow up. Woo!

  4. 9:53 pm 9:53 pm

    i love to randomly do stuff too!!!! Its sooo much fun!!

  5. 8:15 pm 8:15 pm

    omg it rained here too! wierd… but it wasnt play day today for me. but thats probably cuz im in canada. 😛

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