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guess what?

3:16 pm

guess what??? I’m not feelin to good so I stayed home from school!!! I dunno If im gonna post much todat though cause my fingers are numb!!! its kewl and scary at the same time cause im typing cant feel it. I think Its my allergies cause everytime were outside in gym there cutting the grass whu=ich triggers off my allergies and my room is sorta dusty. 😦 

Heres all the stuffs that can happen to me:

  • runny nose
  • ichy throat (gets SUPER ichy)
  • throat hurts
  • i randomly stop breathing
  • watery eyes
  • i get sleepy
  • eyes hurt
  • fingers and toes get numb
  • i loose my voice
  • i get dizzy
  • get wierd dreams (there super weird sometimez. There wierd as in 1 second im at school, then i end up at mall, then i appear in the underworld then i end back at school. its freaky)
  • forget stuffs
  • choke on air
  • i get REALLY hungy then at once i get full
  • i sometimez cant see in color ( only in black and white. It only happens for a few seconds though…)
  • teeth hurt
  • i say random stuff
  • my ears get all wierd and i cant hear stuff well


I think theres a few more but i’m not sure


I’m gonna borrow CDs from my friend so I’m going to be doing music reviews soon!

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  1. 8:11 pm 8:11 pm

    did u make some of those up…? im just wonderin cuz some dont seem, not real but just unlikley, like, only a few ppl in the world have that happen to them. dont get mad cuz i dont belive some of them! 😦 plz!

  2. Kate permalink
    8:41 pm 8:41 pm

    Wow. I feel like I’m talking to another me! I have stuff like that happen to me sometimes, and I feel like I’m the only one.

  3. 8:47 pm 8:47 pm


  4. 9:31 pm 9:31 pm

    Blackcherise~ i know. Its almost unbelievable. Sometimes i cant even believe it!

    Kate~ Really!?!??! It feels like I’m the only person that gets like that too!

    Blackcherise~ Yea. Its very wierd.

  5. antsrule02 permalink
    8:21 pm 8:21 pm

    Wow, I have some of the same problems 🙂
    I woke up at 2:00 am this morning with a very soar throat, and my back teeth hurt. I am loosing my voice but it got better, my nose is runny, I am tired alot too!
    I guess it is just a bug…

  6. BlackCherise permalink
    8:35 pm 8:35 pm

    lol 😀

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