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bye bye summer :(

8:40 pm

Guess what?? Today is the 1st day of fall!!! And its gettin colder out…..   😥    Leaf Pile Fall Colors Tree Leaf  Guess what??? That means only winter, sping, and part of summer left until schools over!!!

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  1. 8:43 pm 8:43 pm

    DONT CRY ABOUT SUMMER LEAVIN! FALL IS MY FAVE SEASON! 😡 ………. 😆 (im just messin wiv ya, but it IS my fave season.)

  2. 8:49 pm 8:49 pm

    😆 Fall is the month my b-day is in so I cant complain 😀

  3. Kate permalink
    7:47 pm 7:47 pm

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Fall is my favorite too! I mean…in the spring, when everything starts to turn green again, I get super excited like a little kid. And I love winter because I love snow, and chillin by the fireplace, and baking ALL THE TIME. Summer…I could live without. I hate heat, and summer in Maryland is always disgustingly humid. The beach is sometimes nice though.

    But fall… She is amazing. I got to wear a jacket today, and wasn’t too warm or anything. Soon the leaves will turn, and I’ll be able to carve pumpkins and stuff, and smell the oak trees, and press cider at the fall festival, etc, etc…Not excited at all…*wink*

  4. 8:32 pm 8:32 pm

    ds – good lol
    kate – yay us! 😀 spring = the only thing i like about that season is easter and all the yummy chocolate! summer = BLAH! I HATE THE HEAT! where i live every summer its like an oven! ugh… fall = yay! i luv fall! its awesome! the colours, bonfires, and the weather is awesome! its sometimes rainy (the best kind of weather) its sunny but chilly (the second best) and and and… I LOVE FALL! its just a great season! winter – ok my birthday is in winter but its too cold. im not an outdoorsy type but the snow is nice to look at indoors while sitting by the fire with ur cat on ur lap in that new cosy sweater u just got while reading ur fave book and sipping hot cocoa and eating chocolate… mmmmmmmmm *drifts into dream land*

  5. Kate permalink
    1:16 am 1:16 am

    I love rainy weather too! It inspires me–it’s when I do my best writing. I AM an outdoorsy person…and I love playing in the rain.

    But my birthday is on Sunday, and it’s supposed to be sticky and GROSS!! I’m so sad!

  6. 2:10 pm 2:10 pm

    i feel sooo bad for you!!! My b-day is in November (ughhh!!) so its REALLY cold out!! I like it when its spring cause its sorta warm but I can wear short sleeves and sweatshirts and i really dont like summer much cause it gets SUPER hot in my classrooms in school!!!

  7. Kate permalink
    1:29 am 1:29 am

    Yeah, my high school was like a prison–seriously, kids from other schools thought it was a prison–and had, like, maybe 10 windows per floor, and most of the rooms were, like… Okay, before I say something retarded, imagine a square, rooms along the outside, a hallway, and then a bunch of rooms crammed together in the middle. I don’t want to say the rooms were on the inside of the building because…aren’t all rooms on the inside…?

    ANYWAY…the rooms that were crammed together in the middle had no windows, for obvious reasons, and we, like…NEVER had air conditioning, so there was no air circulation at all, and the school wouldn’t even provide fans for us. However, we got out of school early a lot because of the heat. But I had to walk home because I lived right behind the school. Fun stuff, man…

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