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6:45 pm

Spongebob Squarepants is one of the only good shows Nickelodeon has to offer. My 2 favorite characters are:

Squidward Squidward. He’s the only one with common sense


 another charater with some common sense.


Spongebob and Patrick get on my nerves sometimes because of how stupid they can be sometimes.

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  1. 8:11 pm 8:11 pm

    spongebob is awesome! we dont getnickelodoen cuz were in canada so we get ytv instead 🙂 my fave characters r Plankton and Patrick!

  2. 9:37 pm 9:37 pm

    hey i love your blog its sooo awsome!!! i have a blog to u should check it out!!! its:

    plzzz check it out and if u have a blog roll can i be on it?

  3. 9:45 pm 9:45 pm

    kk. I’ll add you if you add me 😀

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