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8:46 pm

Here are the pics!! *some are not about tennis*


  The Globe thingy!!


  Inside the Stadium


 Shea Stadium


 The new Citi Field


  Outside the Stadium


 One of the 2 GIANT screens in the stadium in the day.


 This is the screen at night!


 the blimp!!!


 the tennis players playing!


Crazy dude~ Well, i was siting down, watchin the game, and then all of a sudden, this dude yells ‘GO Djokovic!!!’ REALLY loud (thats the tennis dudes name) and then Djokovic got a point and the crazy dude yelled ‘DO IT AGAIN!!’ and im like????????. And it got really annoying!! Im surprised they didnt call security on him.


And you know when there are commercials?? Do you ever wonder what goes on when there are commercials??? The players stop playing and when you see commercials on the TV, we dont. A bunch of these camera men go around with these cameras and put them on people in the audience. They showed random people sometimes. But sometimes they would show Celebrities that are in the Stadium at that moment. And play Music, but mostly old songs.



Mens~ Cilic VS  Djokovic  WINNER- Djokovic

Ladies~ I forget there names  But it waz a lady from China VS a lady from Russia and the lady from Russia Won



all pictures taken by Drkshadow17

You may not copy photos without permission from Drkshadow17


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