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9:54 pm

I’m going to try to write 3 different posts into 1 to make your life and mine easier. And as you all probably know, i’m a girl.


Lockers~I think lockers hate me!! I seriously do. I can’t open my normal locker or my gym locker!!! I have to keep asking my friends to open my normal locker for me and I lied to my gym teacher and said my gym locker works even though it doesnt but I’ll ask my friend if I can share her locker.


Art~Art is one of my favorite subjects cause you dont really need to do anything. But today we played a game and my team was the only team with no points!!!


Homework~ I already had 1 quiz and A LOT more to come and a few tests coming up, so I’ll probably post a few times during the weekdays, but MOSTLY on the weekends. And from now on, I’m probably be loaded with homework, but if i have any spare time, I’ll post something completely rndom. This is the homework and assignments I have so far:

Science: Test Monday september 15th.

ELA: log on How I communicated today

Social Studies: Find article on Presidential Election (USA). summaize and my reaction

Health: Poject due October 3rd


And A LOT more. So I’m going to be busy and my parents (sadly) now limit me to the computer. 😦   So I’ll try to post at least once daily or once every other day. and A LOT on weekends.

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  1. Kate permalink
    6:05 pm 6:05 pm

    Mt gym locker never worked either. And freshman year, I hardly ever used my other locker, so at the end of the year when I went to empty it out, there was literally half an inch of dust on everything. It was pretty gross.

  2. 8:20 pm 8:20 pm

    i dont have lockers. we have pegs 🙂

  3. 8:24 pm 8:24 pm

    and i LUV LUV LUV LUV art! (i almost typed homework but i HATE HATE HATE HATE homework unless it’s art of course!)

  4. 8:54 pm 8:54 pm

    Kate~ OMG!! I would like start coughing like crazy if that happened! I barely use my locker either.

    Blackcherise~ A lot of schools dont have lockers and I luv art too cuase we dont have to do anything!

  5. Kate permalink
    9:50 pm 9:50 pm

    i kicked ass in art. and then they put me in ceramics instead of french, and i kicked ass in that too. i’ll have to send you some pictures. i’m just amazing like that. 🙂

  6. 9:59 pm 9:59 pm

    😆 send them to me at and I’ll post them!!

  7. 10:30 pm 10:30 pm

    everyone says im the best artist in the class and i always end up in the same state – a red face 😆 ( a red fac cuz im sooooo embarrassed! trust me, its annoying too cuz everyone asks u if u can draw this for them or draw this cuz they cant do it. ugh!)

  8. 10:33 pm 10:33 pm

    i’m OK at art.

  9. 10:34 pm 10:34 pm

    cool 🙂 i wasnt bragging tho so dont think i wuz plz

  10. 9:17 pm 9:17 pm

    i dont think that you were bragging.

  11. 8:26 pm 8:26 pm

    thanx ds

  12. Kate permalink
    7:56 pm 7:56 pm

    I was kind of bragging. But that’s because I’m a bad person and I don’t want anyone to forget how freakin amazing I am. Think of it as pre-campaign campaigning. For myself. 😛

  13. 11:15 pm 11:15 pm

    lol, ok i will 😀

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