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9:53 pm

School was OK I guess. Everyone was sweating. anyways………….I got my schedule changed so I got a few classes with my best friends!! Here is how my day went:


1st period~ Accelerated math.  My teacher is really nice!! i know its only the 1st day but so far, shes one of my favorites!!

2nd~Horizons ELA- She’s OK. kinda strict. Her class seems dull.

3rd~ Social Studies- Talks to much if you ask me. Is one of the teachers who scare me.

4th A day~ Technology~ He’s kinda funny. Sorta scares me though.

4th B day~ Gym~ Gym is gym even though I didnt go this school year yet. (i’ll explain)

5th A day~ Home carrer Skills- Didnt go yet

5th B day~ General Music~ didnt go yet.

6th~ Spanish~ didnt go yet

7th~ lunch~ I though i had no friends in my luch period, but it turned out that I had 2.

8th~ Science~ Ehhhhhhh, he’s Ok. But my who already had him said ‘is he mean??’ and im like ‘kinda..’ and they’re like ‘i wont ruin the surprise for you’ and i’m like ‘WHAT SURPRISE?!?!?!??!!??!?’ So i guess i’ll found out

9th A day~ Health~ Shes OK. Kinda talks to much. I have one of my of my best friends in this class!

9th B day~ Art~ I’ve already had her before. Shes kinda nice but talks to loud.


I’m not saying the teachers names cause it might give you a clue of who I am or where I live.


A day and B day are two days with different classes for specials instead of everyday. like today was and A day so i wnet to my A day classes. And on b dayz i go to my B day Classes. Get it? And thats why I didnt write about my B day classes cause I didnt go to it yet. i’m going tomorrow. and i’ll say how It went tomorrow. And the day i dont have A or B day written are the days I have it on both A and B days.

and as i have said before, I got my schedule changed so I went to 2 of the wrong classes and I didnt show up at 2 of them. And for those two classes I missed, I got marked absent. 😦    And on the A day days I didnt write about, those are the classes I got marked absent as.

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  1. Kate permalink
    10:01 pm 10:01 pm

    what is this “horizons ela”?

  2. 10:08 pm 10:08 pm

    Advanced ELA. ELA means English language Arts. I think all we do thats different than the ‘normal’ students is read Shakespear. I think. I dunno how were Advanced in ELA.

  3. 10:30 pm 10:30 pm

    woah, u have like 9 million periods! i only have 6. but most are double. no offense but ur school schedual is waaaaaaaaay to complicated and busy!

  4. Kate permalink
    12:04 am 12:04 am

    That’s fancy. I read Shakespeare in the 8th grade. Fun stuff. You should read Much Ado about Nothing. The book is better than the movie, but my classes presentation of it was even better. I have some extra special friends.

  5. 11:24 am 11:24 am

    Layla~ It feels like 9 million periods. And none of mine are repeats!!! And thats not offensive at all!! My scedule IS complicated and busy!

    Kate~ Really? 8th grade??? I started reading Shakespeare since 6th grade.

  6. Kate permalink
    5:46 pm 5:46 pm

    Yeah, I went to a seriously lame private school, and we were very limited as to the books we were allowed to read in school. Plus it was a really bad school, so…like…no one was at the reading level they should have been, and had no desire to read Shakespeare on my own until 8th grade.

  7. 8:15 pm 8:15 pm

    SHAKESPEARE IN GRADE 6? drkshadow r u serious? i just started grade 6 and i haven’t even thought about trying to read a shakespeare book! tho today we did this neat activity where our teacher put up four pieces of paper with these animals written on them – CRAB, BEAR, MONKEY and LION. u had to go to the animal which u felt wuz more like u. i chose monkey. which would u guys choose?

  8. Kate permalink
    8:18 pm 8:18 pm

    I’d be lion because I’m territorial, and can be sneaky (but not, like, in a bad way), and…because lions are sexy.

  9. 8:22 pm 8:22 pm

    and poor u kate for going to a private school! 😦 that musta been terrible! i wouldnt like it…

  10. 8:23 pm 8:23 pm

    cool! ur on now! 😆 y the heck r lions sexy?

  11. 8:24 pm 8:24 pm

    i chose monkey cuz they r nice most of the time but they can lash out they r cheeky. a LOT like moi! 😆

  12. 10:17 pm 10:17 pm

    I have to say that I’m a monkey casue there fast and silent.And they can swing branch to branch which I think is AWESOME!!!

    Layla~ Yea. 6th grade. We got into groups and had to preform it. 😦 It was about Julius Ceasar. But you didn’t say all that old english words. We had to replece those words with the words we say today. And there not the Normal Shakespeare books. There kinda kid-freindly but A LOT of the words werent tranferred to ‘modernized language’ So that was kinda dull. We also had to do the Cantabury Tales which were boring. If you have no clue on what i’m talking about, look it up on google. If that doesnt help, ask me.

    Kate~ PRIVATE SCHOOL?!?!?!?! I would HATE that. Didnt you have a library around?? That would suck for me if I didnt have any good books to read. think i head about ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ . I’ll look it up.

  13. Kate permalink
    12:45 am 12:45 am

    Yes, I had a library around, and I read a lot! Just not Shakespeare. BTW, Canterbury Tales was Geoffrey Chaucer, not Shakespeare. I didn’t read that until my senior year of high school. Haha!

    And Layla, lions are sexy because LOOK AT THEM! They’re giant kitty cats, and they can kick serious wildebeest and zebra ass! Come on, now. You have to love them. I hate monkeys. Actually, I’m kind of afraid of monkeys/apes/gorillas. If you think about it, they’re actually very intelligent, and I think that makes them kind of dangerous. It’s a long story… Really bad dream I had…

    However, I was at the National Zoo in DC with my mom a few months ago, and I started cracking up because the latin name for the Western Lowland Gorilla is “gorilla gorilla gorilla”. I love the national zoo. They used to have a kookaburra there, which was my favorite, but it’s gone now. However, they have a tawny frogmouth, with is possibly the goofiest looking thing EVER.

    Oh yeah, and private school sucked.

  14. 8:05 pm 8:05 pm

    drkshadow – oh boy, that does sound dull.
    kate – 😆 ok, i guess being a giant kitty cat makes them sexy… but my friend has a cat and he is not sexy! im not scared of monkeys, they r so cute in those commercials where they burry their heads into their mamas chests! omg it almost makes me cry they r so sweet! omg gorilla gorilla gorilla? 😆 thats just funny! and i can guess private school sucked, so where r u know? u know, learning wise?

  15. 8:07 pm 8:07 pm

    Layla~ Trust me- it WAS dull.

    Kate~ i knew it was by Chaucer. I just didnt have enough time to type all that in cause I was rushing

  16. 8:08 pm 8:08 pm

    If your here Layla~ go on the on the bottom that says ‘Go large!’ to chat with me!

  17. 8:14 pm 8:14 pm


  18. Kate permalink
    1:31 am 1:31 am

    I’m my second year of college. I should be in my third, but I withdrew in the middle of my FIRST first semester, because I was having all kinds of physical and emotional problems. So I just worked full time for a year. I was a kick-ass chef, but I got a few battle scars. Hehe.

    I’m a psychology major, and since I want to practice psychology, I need at least a master’s degree, so I have at least 7 years (including this one) of school ahead of me.

  19. 8:10 pm 8:10 pm

    ok, so wats a psychology majour? r u like a majour psychopath (teehee jk) or something else? dun, dun, dun…

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