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School :(

11:13 am

In 40 minutes, I have 2 go to that torture zone……….. i meant school.  I’ll tell you guys about my day when i get home!! But for the next 40 minutes, I consider it still summer vacation. Summer vacation ends as soon as I step on that bus…

This is how I feel:

 Back-to-School Joke Back to School Frown 

But as soon as school starts, I wont be posting as much. Maybe onl 4 to 6 times a week. But i’ll post a lot on the weekends. This my last time on the computer before school, so im gonna enjoy it.See you guys soon!!

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  1. 8:52 pm 8:52 pm

    😆 school aint that bad. plz visit ! thanx!

  2. 10:07 pm 10:07 pm

    I already started prison….. 😯 I…I….I MEAN SCHOOL! On the 21st of August!!! 😥

  3. 10:13 pm 10:13 pm

    omg!! When do you end?

  4. 10:28 pm 10:28 pm


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