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Mario kart

9:25 pm

Here is my reviews of Mario kart:

Rated- E


How I rate these games-

Mario Kart DS- 4.3/5

Mario Kart Wii- 4.5/5



Mario Kart DS- $34.99

Mario kart Wii- $49.99



Mariokart DS- Mario Kart DS is made for the Nintendo DS. A lot of the courses are from other Stations (Nintendo 64 and others) but a few are made for Nintendo DS. This game is super fun for ages 9-25 and keeps you entertained for 6 months.  But racing isn’t the only entertainment here. Theres also Missions, Balloon battles, Shrine runners, and Time Trials. You could also play this with friends that have Mario Kart DS (up to 8 players) or play with friends without Mario Kart DS using DS Download play (up to 8 players. If you have Wireless Internet you can play against people on the Internet.

Here are a few pctures-                        Mario-Kart-DS-10.jpg             Mario-Kart-DS-12.jpg 



Mario Kart Wii- This version of Mario Kart is VERY different from Mario Kart DS.  The only similarity is very few of the tracks used in Mario Kart DS are used in Mario Kart Wii.  It’s really hard to beat which make it more fun.  This includes Balloon Battles but you cant blow the balloons like on Mario Kart DS.  Instead you have lives.  And on Mario Kart Wii there are more characters and Vehicles. And the courses are much harder. If you make even one mistake your chances of winning are slim.BUY THE  STEERING WHEEL!!!!!! Its super-hard without it.

Here are a few Pictures:     Click any of the pictures to enlarge them!!

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  1. Kate permalink
    6:07 am 6:07 am

    I know you’re only 11, but have you ever played Mario Kart for NES? Or Super Nintendo? That stuff is seriously old school. Especially because you don’t have a joystick-thing, just the arrows…

  2. drkshadow17 permalink
    7:12 pm 7:12 pm

    Mario Kart DS has courses from the NES. There super-fun and different.

  3. BlackCherise permalink
    1:21 pm 1:21 pm

    i have played Mario Kart on my bro’s friend’s DS. i seriously suck at it. now my bro and i r playing on a Pokemon game from like, the 80’s or 90’s. its actully pretty cool! we’ve got a Wartortle, Zubat, Wigglytuff, Pikacu, Kakuna and Spearow.

  4. BlackCherise permalink
    1:22 pm 1:22 pm

    not great but nobody’s perfect.

  5. BlackCherise permalink
    1:23 pm 1:23 pm

    hey plz go to its my blog! thanx!

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