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NYC Pictures

6:02 pm

Here are the pictures from New York City!

Click any of them to Enlarge them. They might take a few seconds to appear.


Here are pictures of M&M world-

 Here is an M&M dressed up that spins around on the inside of the 1st floor in the store!


 Part of the M&M wall!

 Another part of the M&M wall

By the way- the M&M wall is the World’s biggest wall of candy! And theres this thingy to pull down to make the M&Ms come out of the tubes and your supposed to fill a baq and pay for them but some people just stuck there hand under it and pullled the lever and got free M&Ms!! I was about to do it then this security guy came.

 Inside the store


 Bottles filled with M&Ms


 A persons Result on the M&M color scanner thingy




all pictures taken by Drkshadow17

Please do not copy photos without permission from Drkshadow17


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  1. 2:10 am 2:10 am

    That’s so awesome!

    Hey, can you come to my site? There’s this thing going on called the Webkinz Blogger’s Choice Awards where you vote in three polls. Please vote then leave a comment on the first post on the homepage when your done!


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